Monday, February 1, 2010

Hello again! The other day I picked up four of the new Milani "3D Holographic" polishes. I got Cyberspace (blue), Hi-Tech (green), Digital (pink), and Hi-Res (purple). The names aren't exactly original for holographic polishes, however, I think that their finish makes them unique. The holographic glitter in these is VERY fine and very bright. It almost makes the polish look 'coarse' in the bottle, but on the nails, these are perfection!

The formula was thin but manageable, which is pretty much the norm for Milani polishes. All of the pictures below show two coats and no top coat. To bring out the brilliance of these holos, I would recommend pairing them with a super shiny top-coat!





For you ladies who love drug-store polish (I do!) you should be sure to pick these up! I found mine at CVS, but not every CVS has them...I know because the one by my college does not!

Also, two random bonus polishes, both by Sally Hansen, and both purple!

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails X-treme Wear "Virtual Violet." This polish is hard to describe. It's not really a pearl, and it's not a has an opalescent finish, it that makes sense. It's quite sheer, and required three coats for me.

"Grape Going!" DRUGSTORE DUOCHROME GOODNESS! This is a purple with subtle flashes of blue when it hits the sunlight. Shown here is two coats, but I think that at three you'd really see the depth and shine of this polish better.

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  1. I don't know if my comment is working, seems to be a little glitchy ATM.
    I love your blog and your nails are to die for!
    I'm a WoW nerd too!