Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mint Apple


For all of you who are college students like me, I hope that this time of year is treating you well! It's crunch time at my school, and everyone is scrambling to work on final projects, put together creative writing portfolios, and catch up on any makeup work that needs to be done. So, while I might not be painting my nails as much as usual, I did have time for this baby:

This is SinfulColor's Mint Apple (#957). It's name is an obvious take off of Essie's Candy Apple polish, which is also mint colored. However, the two polishes are definitely different. I have Candy Apple at home in Florida, and from what I remember, it's lighter than Mint Apple and also a creme, not a shimmer.

Mint Apple is an awesome color. I have similar shades in my collection, but none quite like this one, although I'm sure similar polishes do exist. It's a little on the thick side, but not difficult to work with.

If you love this kind of color, at about $1.99, you really can't beat Mint Apple!