Wednesday, February 17, 2010


If you're like me, you love drugstore nail polish. You stalk the makeup section of CVS and Walgreen's on the off-chance that they've stocked the latest polish collection of your favorite drugstore brands. However, drugstore polish hunting can be an often disappointing pursuit, as most drugstores stock new collections days or even months after the collections are released.

So, you end up looking through the permanent collections to heal your wounded heart...and more often than pass by a strange looking brand of polishes called Borghese. You think to reds and pinks? Lame...and look at the bottle! Ridiculous! Ho ho ho! Well...maybe you don't 'ho ho ho'...but I do (shame-face).

So, while looking for the new Borghese duochromes that were recently released (more on that in a later post) I noticed that some of the colors were actually quite pretty. Although they retail for about $8, which is pretty ridiculous for drugstore polish, I decided to give them a try...


This is Bellisima Rose, a stunning red creme, in natural light. The formula on this was like butter...SUPER pigmented, barely visible nail line with only one coat, fast dry-time, and SUPER easy to apply. I've only tried two of their cremes so far, but I'm SUPER impressed. Cremes can be tricky...for instance, I often have a hard time with China Glaze's cremes. They can be rather thick and hard to manage.

Yes, these are expensive. Yes, I'd buy more of them, because the formula is amazing! Try them! Besides, every woman should have a signature red creme. Why not shell out a little bit more for that special shade that you can slap on when you want to feel a bit sexy?

This is also Bellisima Rose, but in typical shoddy indoor lighting (aka: that of my dorm room). As you can see, it turns into a vampy red :D

And for reference, here is the brush. It tapers out a bit towards the end, which can cause problems on super small pinky nails (like mine), but it's do-able. The brush isn't as stiff as Sally Hansen's (which also have large brushes), so application is easier in my opinion.

Larger brushes can be daunting, but once you get the hang of them, they make application not only easier, but possibly FLAWLESS :D

See you next time, nail nerds!

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  1. I just noticed them show up in my local Shoppers Drugmart. I thought "Yuck! Old lady polish." But you gave such a lovely review of the colour you bought, I might give it a try.