Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bold & Sexy by Black Radiance

Hey nail fans!

Sorry for the long hiatus! I've been really busy traveling back and forth from Atlanta to Orlando, doing family stuff and seeing friends from home (and of course leveling up my Draenei Death Knight, who is now 75 and decently geared!)

I stopped in my local Rite Aid on the way back from the airport yesterday and bought a few nail polishes, including two by a brand I had never heard of before: Black Radiance. It's a brand of cosmetics specifically made in colors that compliment the coloring of African American women. On their website they only show their "Calcium Enriched" nail polish line, however, the ones I bought were from the "Bold & Sexy" collection, and feature a unique bottle shape.

I threw away my receipt like the dummy that I am, but I looked around online and they seem to be fairly cheap ($1-$3, depending where you look). They are also big-three free!

Here are the two I picked up, both of which are shimmers:

This is Risqué, a gold-flecked deep brown with a slight plum undertone. I used two coats and was supremely satisfied with the opacity and pigmentation. This polish was SUPER easy to apply...super flawless! It actually reminded me a bit of Borghese polishes, in both the consistency and the brush as well.

Next up, Provocative! This raspberry toned color appears redder in the bottle than it does on the nails. It is also flecked with gold shimmer, making for a very rich color on the nails!

I'm super impressed with these colors! Obviously, I'm SUPER pale and white, but even so, I found that these colors complimented my skin tone really well, even though the colors were designed for women of color.

Now, about the brush:

It's fairly wide...not as wide as some of the Sally Hansen brushes, but it still gave me a bit of trouble when I painted my tiny pinky nail. However, I actually like a bigger brush, as long as it's of good quality and the polish itself is easy to handle. This brush falls under that category, and so I really liked it, even though it was rather wide.

However, if you are one of those people who HATE larger brushes, you might want to avoid these.

On Black Radiance's website, it says that you can purchase their brand at Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, Target, Walmart, K mart, and even a few stores that I haven't heard of...HOWEVER:

As a drugstore aficionado, I have ONLY ever seen these at ONE store...a Rite Aid. That particular Rite Aid is located in a black community that tends to stock more cosmetic brands that cater to African American women. If you do find these however, try them!

See ya later nail nerds!

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